17.04. - 07.06.2024
In a mutual dialogue, the painter Ivana Štenclová and the sculptor Paulina Skavova introduce themselves. The provocative title of the exhibition conceals the space for the mutual interaction of two distinct artistic expressions and various ways of interpreting the surrounding world.
14.02 - 12.04.2024
Richard Štipl initially devoted himself to painting and subsequently to hyperrealistic colored sculptures, only to return later to the painter's canvas. In his work, he engages in introspection and revision of the inner processes shaping the external appearance of the human body, especially the face. He primarily works with...
20.12.2023 - 9.02.2024
Josef Duchan draws everything he sees around him. Visual sensations flow through it in a continuous stream straight to the paper. Like a tomograph, he captures in thin sections the surrounding world and its changes over time: a pulsating street with the approaching panorama of Hradčany in the background, passing trams and cars, flashing traffic lights...
18.10 - 18.12.2023

Art, in its supreme pursuit of grasping the elusive, leads to a vision of the fullness of the ontological Mystery‘s being. the body becomes the path to this goal, the only „certainty“ in the entire span of uncertain existence.

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